If you love cooking with local, fresh, organic produce, you can enroll now in our year-round customer loyalty program.

It is a great system that connects the farmer with the food lover more closely, allowing you to subscribe to the harvest at a particular farm to get the freshest fruits and vegetables.

You can join Cochrane Family Farm’s customer loyalty program any time of the year for as little as $200 – order only what you want and need each week … or you can skip weeks with no penalty and renew as often as you like throughout the year. As a member you can also receive weekly specials for members only and purchase and have delivered any of the other products in our store as well.

There is no administration fee, and every single dollar goes directly toward your purchases. Our goal is to have happy, well-fed customers while minimizing food waste and cost. We work with our environment, not against it, to produce certified organic, nutrient-dense vegetables, herbs and seeds all the while building our soil and bio-diversity. This is the start of our 13th year offering up this awesome opportunity!

Take advantage of weekly specials, offered exclusively to loyalty members. We offer weekly deliveries to the areas of Truro and Brookfield. Pick up at the farm itself is also an option.

Our farm has been family-run since 2009. We do not use pesticides, herbicides or chemical cleaning. There are no growth accelerators used on the vegetables we farm. We’re proud to offer more than 300 organic and local food products from other producers. That said, we produce our own herbal teas, culinary herb and spice blends, heirloom seeds, herbal remedies as well as natural health and skincare products. You can view all of the products we have on offer in our online shop.

To learn more, contact us via email at [email protected] or call 902-671-2378.

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